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“Cognac: Très funeste. Excellent dans plusieurs maladies. Un bon verre de cognac ne fait jamais de mal. Pris à jeun tue le ver de l'estomac.”
Gustave Flaubert

Contatta Cognac OT

OT history

Olivier Tébily, was born in 1975 in Côte d'Ivoire; he was
an international football champion with an unbelievable successful career.
After years of his career, he decided to hang up his
shoes and start a new life. Olivier Tébily decided to spend this second life to realize his long time dream; to become the first African wine grower and to produce his own cognac "Source deux vie" as a tribute to his country.

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OT Vineyard

The secret of a great cognac begins in the vineyard.

Cognac is an eau-de-vie distilled largely from Ugni Blanc grapes produced on the 75,000 hectares of the Cognac Appellation Area.

In the mild climate of the Charente, the grapes draw all their warmth from the heart of this land.

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OT Collection

An invitation to taste
Contemporary cognac – modern Design
Cognac with character and passion

our cognac:

Vs  •  VSOP  •  XO  •  Tres vieux
CognacOT  •  Le mignonette OT

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OT News

Cognacot's launch in Cote d'ivoire – January 2015

Cognacot's launch in Milano Expo 2015 – July 2015



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